Luxury Suites

The central notion of Eastern Buddhist philosophy is the Three Jewels, sometimes called Three Sanctuaries Dharma, Sangha and Buddha.

Immerse yourself in the world of decadent luxury and choose one of the three unique suites of Buddha-Bar Hotel Prague.
The suites are built in an eclectic Oriental style, plentifully with space, with an emphasis on sophistication, and wholly visionary of the acclaimed concept of Buddha-Bar.

The blend of Asian philosophy with modern technologies offers a unique experience.
The original atmosphere of the boutique Buddha-Bar Hotel Prague is created with essential elements: The fusion of red and gold, genuine Macassar wood furniture in contrast with modern red lacquer and a touch of stylish decor, all set amongst the backdrop of intimate light of cut glass lamps evoking a seductive atmosphere.

Our exquisite Suites go beyond expectations for an unparalleled experience and individual relaxation.